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Custom bookcases in the GTA are excellent storage solutions for commercial, retail and residential applications. Sure, you could go to a big box store and try to find something that flows with your current design, or you could have them made to your exact specifications and for your unique purposes. If you’re like most people, you expect something durable and well built, but in many cases with off-the-shelf bookcases, that’s not what you’re going to get without spending substantially more. Rather than spend that kind of money on a gamble, why not use the same money for custom bookcases built by a professional millwork team? It just makes sense.




Every space has a unique design and theme. Rather than trying to squeeze in a piece that only half works, it’s usually best to speak with an interior designer. By providing a little information about the bookcase and your current design, a professional designer can create a plan as unique as the space you’re looking to improve. An experienced professional in the field might be able to show you some ideas that work better than anything you’d find in a store. The creativity of a true professional interior designer can be surprising and often leads to versatile solutions.




One of the biggest problems with pre-made bookcases is that they never seem to fit perfectly where they’re needed. Having custom bookcases designed and built solves the problem. No matter how big the space is or how irregularly shaped it may be, a custom fit is easily attainable through a professional interior design and build team. Not only will a custom bookcase be a better fit than anything off a shelf, but they’ll also be made with the materials and colours of your choice and will fit into your current décor with ease.




If you happen to be lucky enough to find a bookcase that fits your space, it won’t likely be anywhere near as durable as the best custom bookcases found in the GTA. Custom bookcases are more structurally sound and can be attached to the room they’re installed in invisibly. Using the walls, floor, and even ceiling of the space, custom bookcases are built to be substantially stronger than anything from a big box store. For the longest lasting and best looking custom bookcases, be sure to bring in only an experienced and reputable builder. If you aren’t sure, ask for a portfolio of recently completed projects. The best in the industry have done well over a hundred successful projects in the last five years. This speaks volumes about the reputation and reliability of the team in question and will be an excellent indicator of the quality you can expect from the team.

Shopping for a bookcase is a pain. Ill-fitting models, limited colour and material selection make finding the perfect piece nearly impossible. Take the stress out of the equation by opting for the finest custom bookcases the GTA has to offer. Make the call to a professional and experienced design and build team and get your project off to a fast start.

Built in Bookshelf Toronto

Built in Bookshelf Toronto
Built in Bookshelf Toronto

I have been noticing that adding built in fixtures within a house is a new trend. I have already gotten a company to add a built in refrigerator in my kitchen, it’s nice, but I really like the work I have seen on your website so I think I wanna go with you guys for our built in bookshelf.


What do I do in terms of booking a consultation?


Does your team come to my home for the first consultation in order to get an idea of the scale of the project or will I be going to your Toronto office?




By Sadyd Pc (Admin)
Hello Ms. Campbell,
Thank you for reaching out to the Luna Interiors team with your question regarding built in bookshelves
When it comes to the entire renovation of a space, we normally arrange the initial consultation. Costumers can either come into our Toronto based showroom or we could visit their home. It's essentially up to you and what you feel would more convenient. 
In terms of packages, the project itself (built in bookshelf) would depend highly on the amount of work that needs to be completed by our team. As such, we would need to discuss the details in person. 
Since you are already familiar with our job and what it entails, our cabinet specialists can easily visit your home to gather measurements and all the necessary info for quoting your project.
I hope this has helped answer your question, in the meantime here are some examples of the renovations and built in bookshelves we have completed in the past.
built in bookshelf toronto
built in bookshelf toronto